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How to Learn Blackjack Basic Strategy

Learning blackjack basic strategy is the most important thing you can do if you play blackjack. You'll have more winning sessions and be able to extend your bankroll further than players who don't use the correct strategy.

Once you have the ability to play perfect basic strategy you can add other skills to your blackjack game to have a chance to play a break even game or even win in the long run.

When you find the best rules and play perfect strategy and earn benefits through a player's club you can often play blackjack as a break even game or at least close to one.

If you continue your education and learn how to count cards you can even have the chance to be a long term winner at the blackjack table.

But it all starts with learning basic strategy.

I've included a simple and fast system that will help you learn basic blackjack strategy. Just follow the instructions and you can be playing perfect strategy in just a few hours.

Now you need to play as many hands as possible using your strategy chart for every single decision you make. Try to guess what the best play is and then check your strategy chart. Do this with every hand until you are able to make every decision with 100% accuracy.

In no time you will have all but the most difficult decisions memorized and won't need to look at your chart very often.

Once you reach this level you're ready to start playing at the casino. Just take your chart with you and check it when you have a question. Don't be embarrassed to use the chart when you need it. You're paying to be there and nobody can tell you not to use your chart.

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